My name is Brad Buzzard. I’ve been writing professionally for more than 12 years.

People say I have a knack for researching a subject fully, gaining clarity around the subject and synthesising the information into a highly readable and informative whole. This is a set of skills I’ve developed over the course of a unique and varied career as both a writer and a marketing researcher.

You can visit me at LinkedIn for the linear version of my bio, or you can just read on for the important parts.

My Experience

I have a strong foundation in professional writing, having majored in Professional Writing and having worked as a journalist early in my career. Even when I’ve worked in jobs not directly related to writing, I’ve undertaken special writing-related projects including:

  • Developing writing style-guides to improving employees’ report writing
  • Writing industry thought-leadership pieces for publication, and
  • Writing successful industry award submissions

I have many years’ experience as a social media marketing researcher and strategist. There are three major ways this helps my writing:

  • Research is extremely important to writing and editing. When I take on a writing or editing project, no matter how simple it seems, I make sure to research the subject matter from all angles so that the writing comes from a place of sound understanding.
  • Marketing strategy has trained me to understand the major objective of any piece of communication, and to seek out the best way to meet that objective. When I write and/or edit your work, I always consider how I can best help you meet your objectives.
  • Analysis of social media marketing has allowed me to identify the specific elements that compose great content – content that cuts through the noise and moves people to action.

In short, I bring a thoroughness to my work that will be difficult to find elsewhere.

I don’t outsource your work, and I handle all projects personally. You can have as many revisions as you need, and I make myself readily available for feedback.

Feel free to contact Brad through the contact page, or by using the contact information below. Don’t forget to check out some of my work here.